Circles, Circles Why Do We Ride Circles?

The important reason why we are all told ‘ride a circle’.


Improve Your Lines for Jumping

‘I guess if you don’t jump. You’ll never know if you can fly’

The Tales of Penny Power

In the depths of a huge green forest thick with lofty oaks and pine trees ,  far far away from any people, there lay hidden a secret meadow under a roof of branches. Though the pines were so dark and shut out any sky , the meadow had a clearing, a pasture of lush green grass…

Horse Feeds and Nutrition

All animals require food to maintain health and wellbeing. This includes the raw materials for growth, repair damaged tissues and energy for work. Thus food and nutrition is highly important for the well being of your horse. Good equine nutrition consists of knowing exactly their individual needs, choosing foods and establishing a portion suitable for each…

Make your Equine Sparkle & Shine

Grooming is important not only for bonding and trust with your pony but to keep your pony healthy and its coat clean. Grooming also gives you the chance to check over your pony, making sure it is healthy with no external wounds or lumps that you might initially miss at a glance. What you need…

Gillian Higgins at Trent Park

“Horses Inside Out” understanding how the horse works through the inside out. Improve your riding and strengthen your horse.