Regal By Name, Regal By Nature

This is a special post dedicated to Trent Park’s very own Regal.

A very special one of a kind pony. He is a Fjord Shetland X and is a small Shetland is stature but he makes up for his height in personality. The Shetland coming from the Scottish highlands and the Fjord from the Mountainous regions of Norway. It is thus unsurprising that Regal has a very thick coat and stiff mane. The Fjord has a very distinctive coat, dun in colour he has classic Fjord markings with the dorsal stripe and darker mane and tail.

Here is Regal doing a demonstration for all the children who came to Trent Park open day. He is being clipped by Paula. Due to his breeding his thick coat becomes too hot for mild North London climates. We must clip Regal to ensure he doesn’t overheat in his arctic winter coat, which is not needed.

Clipping is essentially a horse haircut, this does not hurt the pony at all.

He use to be a Trent Park riding school pony. he has been retired for many years. He is the oldest equine at the whole Centre and is in his early 30s, YES HE IS 32!!! The sheer number of children he must have taught to ride must be astounding. Thus Regal has been enjoying and rightly deserves a long lovely and relaxing retirement. He is part of the heart of Trent Park Equestrian Centre and we love him dearly. 

He has the most relaxed temperament and loves the attention he receives. Never fazed by anything he is very happy to spend his days being made a fuss of.

Regal here modeling the new W16 Trent Park Polo range. 

Despite his cheeky chap exterior he isn’t a typical cheeky pony, choosing to take a more leisurely retirement.

Regal Regularly models for us, he is such a handsome man.

Here is Regal getting into the Christmas Spirit

This is Regal under the Solarium for a lecture demonstration. The Solarium is essentially a horse salon, it provides a horse with a healthy dose of vitamin D and helps to relax and sooth horses muscles. Regal is helping to educate the next generation of equestrians about state of the art equine treatments. His kind and calm temperament makes him the ideal pony to educate children and it is also a nice treat for Regal.

Regal in horsey ecstasy 

I must say he is now a beloved Trent Park mascot, spending his days relaxing in the pony paddock and being spoilt.

Any Questions Comment Below 

Keep Calm and Ride On x0x0x0


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