Our Special Shetlands

Why Shetland Ponies are the best. 

This world famous breed originate from the Shetland Isles and still graze wild across the Isle to this day.Amazingly it is not unusual for a Shetland pony to live into its 30s.

They are a unique and hardy breed, able to bear all weathers with their thick mane and tail. They are pretty resilient coming from the tough terrain and weather of the Scottish Highlands. These captivating creatures are instantly charming, cheeky and very intelligent in nature. However this also comes with difficulties, as they can be rather opinionated and stroppy at times.

Dancer, Vixen and Ruby being sisters always go out into the paddock together and share the same stable as they miss each others company.

As you can see in the image, their coat changes according to the season; short during the warm summers and a double coat and coarse hairs to shed the rain during the cold wet winter.



They are also surprisingly strong for their size and from the 1840s they were used in Britain in coal mines as they were able to pass through low underground tunnels while carting truckloads of coal.


Dancer, vixen and Ruby love to be out in the paddocks grazing, as unsurprisingly they love their food. You can see this as they all have characteristically Shetland fat bellies.


They have settled very well and are really enjoying meeting the children and helping to teach them to ride.  I personally enjoy watching them through my office window as they graze happily in the field.

Any Questions Comment Below

Keep Calm and Ride On xoxoxox


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